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Business owners in a relevant market; think bars, restaurants, cafes, bottle stores, gift shops etc and those who spend more than R2000 on there 1st order (there is no minimum order amount after the 1st order)

You may still buy the bulk products on our online factory shop.

Absolutely. We are committed to supplying only the best products across the board with the same great service that you have come to expect.

No. We sell many brands on our online retail store (www.bubbleteashoponline.co.za), most of which we do not have distribution rights for. What we specialise in is toppings (bursting boba, tapioca, nata de coco), flavoured powders, syrups, cups, straws etc. Please contact us for our wholesale catalogue.

Yes, we offer discounted rates to our clients with wholesale accounts.

Economy of scale. Although we do our best to keep our prices as affordable as possible, we have salaries to pay and lights to keep on. With larger ongoing orders the cost per unit of output decreases with the increase in scale.

Not at all. We do not sell a franchise model.  We supply the ingredients and offer support where we can.