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About Us

We supply business’s across South Africa, specialising in Bubble Tea- a new niche drink to South Africa which has been well received across the world.

In addition to our reputation as a top-notch Bubble Tea supplier we also provide business consultation and marketing tools along with hands-on training and product education to our clients to help maximise sales.

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea is traditionally a sweet milky tea which was shaken over ice (like a cocktail) and strained over black tapioca pearls, a chewy topping. It has since evolved to such a level that you can now find a bubble tea without any tea at all.

The most popular variety of Bubble Tea in South Africa is a Fruity Iced Tea with Bursting Boba (also known as Popping Pearls, Juice Balls, Pobbles etc). Think of it as a hand crafted Iced Tea with delicious toppings that burst in your mouth.

Whether you are looking to add Bubble Tea to you existing businesses menu, to start selling bubble tea at a local market on weekends or to start your very own Bubble Tea Franchise- we can help.

We have years of experience in both making and selling bubble tea a can supply all the ingredients, products and machinery you will need to successfully sell Bubble Tea for a profit.

Get in contact now and one of our agents will gladly find the best solution for your needs.